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Statistics workshops in S E Asia in 2016.
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WCS Malaysia Program
7 Jalan Ridgeway
93200 Kuching
SARAWAK, Malaysia
Tel: 082-239795
or 013-8018713
Fax: 082-239578

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  Program activities...

Tigers and prey programme
The Johor State government and WCS aim to increase tiger numbers by 50 percent over the next 10 years and we are currently doing field surveys to estimate the numbers at present. More...

Asian elephant (Photo: Melvin Gumal)Elephants in West Malaysia  
We are working in Johor and Pahang to enable elephants and rural people to coexist peacefully. More...

Detail from cover of Teachers for Tigers manualTiger conservation education
We are training environmental educators to communicate with local people in areas with tigers about tiger ecology and their role in natural ecosystems. More...

Orangutan (Photo: Mike Meredith)Orangutan surveys in Sarawak
We are gathering data on orangutan nests in Batang Ai National Park and Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, so as to obtain an overall picture of orangutan abundance and distribution, and to assess current threats to the species in the area. More...

"Orangutan" character in drama presentation (Photo: Leona Liman)Orangutan conservation
We produced a radio programme in the Iban language about orangutan, and are now following up with community meetings. More...

Truck hauling logs from forest (Photo: Liz Bennett)Wildlife in Production Forests
Forests designated for timber production cover vast areas, much larger areas that national parks or wildlife sanctuaries. With proper management, these forests can support critical wildlife populations. To find out how logging methods and forestry practices can be improved, we are monitoring wildlife in a production forest in the interior of Borneo. More...

The rare red banded langur (Photo: Jason Hon)Primates in Maludam NP
The red banded langur is one of the world's rarest monkeys and now only occurs in Maludam NP in Sarawak. WCS is investigating the size of the population of this and other primates in Maludam and their habitat requirements. More...

Hook-billed bulbul (Photo: WCS Malaysia Program)Birds and bats of Loagan Bunut
Covering about 650 hectares, Loagan Bunut is the largest natural lake in Sarawak. During the prolonged dry period from March to September each year, the lake dries up and turns into a large expanse of dry, cracked mud. More...

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